A CzADH member, dr. Malínek, joins proposal for a new DARIAH Working Group on „Bibliographic Data“

If you work with bibliographical data, or use it in your research, you may be interested in this proposal for a new DARIAH working group, which is proposed by Dr Tomasz Umerle (Deputy director of the Department of Current Bibliography of the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences [IBL PAN] and data specialist at the Digital Humanities Center of the IBL PAN) and Dr Vojtěch Malínek (Director of the Czech Literary Bibliography Research Infrastructure, Institute of Czech Literature, Czech Academy of Sciences).

The two coordinators believe that there is a need for knowledge exchange in the field of bibliographic data in the humanities and thus propose a DARIAH Working Group as a platform for data providers and researchers working with bibliographical data, to be created under VCC3: Scholarly Content Management.

The focus of the Working Group would be to foster development of cooperation betweenbibliographies, and serve as a platform for knowledge exchange aimed at bringing together creators of bibliographical data, scholars interested in using those resources in data-driven research, and theorists of bibliography and documentation.

If you are interested in the proposed WG, please contact the two coordinators via e-mail:tomasz.umerle@ibl.waw.pl , malinek@ucl.cas.cz .