CFP: Authorial style, its analysis, and limits of automatic recognition

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Date(s) - 31/05/2022
11:45 pm - 11:59 pm

Zadal: Zdenko Vozár

Národní knihovna ČR


Call for papers

The workshop is an interdisciplinary opportunity to present and discuss work on authorship identification, including work in progress, from both the perspective of automation and the literary-theoretical and textological aspects of authorship and attribution. We welcome contributions on:

 The theory of authorship. Stylometrics and linguistics vs. literary and historical approaches. How, and to what extent can authorship be proven? What is authorship, especially in the context of collaborative documents, comment chains, and the broader internet culture? How has the idea of authorship changed, compared to the 19th and 20th century?

– Datasets and Use-Cases. New datasets and authorship identification (sub)tasks, such as delexicalized identification. Task scenarios that would benefit from automated authorship identification. User interface needs. What purposes does it serve to identify authors of texts? What purposes should it not serve?

– Methods. Automated methods for authorship identification. Plagiarism detection. Human-in-the-loop verification. Traditional manual methods of authorship attribution and the role of databases. Benchmarking. Comparison of different methods. How to improve individual methods?

The focus of the workshop is on the presentations and especially ensuing discussion. The contributions should be intelligible on the interdisciplinary level and serve to enrich researchers from both the humanities and technological sciences. We also accept contributions that deal with authorship of musical documents.

Please send your abstracts (300-500 words)  here by May 31st.

It is possible (but not required) to submit an extended abstract that will then be published online in a small digital workshop proceedings volume. The abstracts will be peer-reviewed.