Intelligent Graphs: A Look at the Future of Enterprise AI

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Date(s) - 31/05/2018
6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Zadal: Boris Lehečka

Impact HUB Praha


Registration via Meetup


6:00 pm – 6:30 pm Guests arrival
6:30 pm – 7:15 pm *Talk #1* Graph-Powered Machine Learning
7:45 pm – 8:30 pm *Talk #2* 7Vortex: Systemic Knowledge Representation, Visualisation and Transfer
8:30 pm – 9 pm Networking

Talk #1: Graph-Powered Machine Learning
Speaker: Dr. Alessandro Negro

Graph-based machine learning is becoming an important trend in Artificial Intelligence, transcending a lot of other techniques. Using graphs as basic representation of data for ML purposes has several advantages: (i) the data is already modeled for further analysis, explicitly representing connections and relationships between things and concepts; (ii) graphs can easily combine multiple sources into a single graph representation and learn over them, creating Knowledge Graphs; (iii) improving computation performances and quality. The talk will discuss these advantages and present applications in the context of recommendation engines and natural language processing.

Dr. Alessandro Negro ( is Chief Scientist at GraphAware. He has been a long-time member of the graph community and is the main author of the first-ever recommendation engine based on Neo4j. At GraphAware, he specializes in recommendation engines, graph-aided search, and NLP.

Talk #2: 7Vortex: Systemic Knowledge Representation, Visualisation and Transfer
Speakers: Hugo Araujo and Jose Alcocer

Understanding the complexities and interconnectedness of our rapidly changing environments is fundamental to capture and generate transcendental value. 7Vortex is a collaborative platform designed to transfer knowledge in a systemic, multidisciplinary and dynamic way. Built upon Neo4j, 7Vortex has been designed following the principles of biological patterns, evolutionary strategies and ecosystems dynamics in order to enable collective flows of knowledge that are naturally connected. In this talk, the 7Vortex team will show some use cases from their growing community of systemic thinkers.

Hugo ( and Jose ( are cofounders at 7Vortex. They met about 15 years ago at University while studying Industrial and Systems Engineering, since then, each has engaged on various endeavours varying from consumer goods, to aerospace, to biomimicry, to social innovation, and they recently joined forces to grow 7Vortex together.